5 and dime store toys

As one would expect with such a global phenomenon as Star Wars, that every toy company out there would try to dip their hands into the pot, by offering a space themed,sorta Star Warslike  line of figures. The undisputed kings of dime store toys: Processed Plastics co aka Tim-Mee Toys were right there offering their best with the Galaxy Lazer Team AKA Star Patrol  line of stationary figures. They came in multiple colors and 2 different sizes. They were sold in baggies with colorful header cards.
Mexican bootlegs of the Tim-Mee toys figures. Gotta love finding bootlegs of knock offs. It's stuff like this that keeps the hobby fun.
Other toy companies making similar figures were not as subtle as Tim Mee Toys when it came to their attempts to rip off Star Wars. Here are a couple of examples of some Star Warsy logos with toys that bore no resemblance to Star Wars items. here we have "Space Warrior,Space Men" from Trafalgar Toys, and a bag of "Star Warriors" from Joy Toy Co.
And here's a carded piece containing non SW related space figures, with no logo but a pretty obvious take on The Millennium Falcon on the cardback.

Here is a carded Star World chinese yoyo made to look a bit  like a light saber. Note that the logo is more than just a bit SW in style.

Up next are these wind up Robots "Star Robots" One of them is a dead ringer for R2 and the others are just silly and fun,along with their version of the SW logo.                                                                      

Another interesting piece that's non figure related is this ultra cheesy Darth Vader like "Dark Invader Power Glider". It's basically a cheap Styrofoam plane with a Vader looking character flying on it, with a gun launcher. Pure 5 and dime gold right there.

 An "X2D2 Robot Watch" X2 here must be R2's cousin from the wrong side of the galaxy.

Darth Vader's gonna get you with his Space Sparking Machine Gun. Because after all, Sith lords need space Uzi's to keep the dark side real.

Another similar Vader graphic is on this great "Space Adventure Target Ball Game"  set: Also notice the Stormtrooper and Chewbacca looking targets too. More cheesy early 80s dime store SW goodness.
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