Polish 2nd generation

The timeline that the 2nd generation of vintage Polish bootleg figures fits into has them being sold in the late 80's after"Elektrospóldzielnia" sold the molds to the Evanplast company in GDAŃSK.  The 2nd (and later generations of Polish articulated figures) consisted of only 19 figures, as the mold for the Barada figure was either lost, damaged, or stolen in the interim between 2 factories switching the manufacturing of these fine toys. The cardbacks are generic with a cropped picture from a Tri Logo Stormtrooper card with a ROTJ logo.
Loose examples will be added later, For now here are some carded examples. packaged examples of all 19 figures are not known to exist, so if anyone has carded examples of any figures not shown, please feel free to contact the outer realm so we can showcase them and give a more complete overview of this colorful and rare line of bootlegs.
Carded Stormtrooper
Carded Luke X-Wing Pilot
Carded Biker Scout
Carded Boba Fett
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