Two distinct "lines" of figures from Hungary were made. One being a set of 2 carded figures, on black and white cards, a Darth Vader with a blunt ended hand, no saber, and the infamous "pig nose" Yoda. they were available on black (or blue) and white cards. The Yoda has been found with both stapled and glued bubbles, the few examples of the Vader that have surfaced all stapled bubbles.

The second and more iconic set of Hungarian figures, came on assorted color cards with the Csillagok Haboruja, Jedi Visszater logo on them and card art taken from the SW style C poster. Most of them came with a blank nameplate at the bottom, but a few examples have been found with factory printed names on them. There are 10 figures in the set, as shown below. Some variants exist and will be shown in this article.
carded Boba Fett:
Loose Boba Fett

Biker Scout carded:

Biker Scout loose:

C-3PO Carded:

C-3PO loose:

Chewbacca carded:

Chewbacca loose:

Darth Vader carded:

Darth Vader loose:

Han Solo carded:

Han Solo loose:

Hoth Stormtrooper carded:

Hoth Stormtrooper loose:

Luke Skywalker carded:

Luke Skywalker loose:

Princess Leia carded:

Princess Leia loose"

 Wicket carded:

Wicket loose:

Super rare carded "store display set"
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