Arii Space Convoy


In 1980 The popular Japanese model company Arii threw its hat into the knock off circle with this iconic line of Star Wars like model kits.
Featuring Star Wars characters with hooks, drills and other insidious devices replacing their hands. The art on the boxes rivals any of the cheesiness that the Uzay cardbacks gave us. They were sold either individually or in a set of 4. 3 different sets of 4 are exist. Set one consists of  Darth Vader, Tusken Raider, Stormtrooper, and the vicious and frightening Cantina band member.
Arii Vader Box front:
Arii Vader box back:

Arii Tusken Raider Front:
Arii Tusken Raider back:
Arii Stormtrooper front:
Arii Stormtrooper back:
Arii Cantina Band member front:

Arii Cantina Band member back:
The 2nd set consists of a C3PO, Luke X-Wing Pilot, and 2 somewhat generic space men.
Arii Luke X-Wing Pilot front:
Arii Luke X-Wing Pilot back:
Arii C3PO Front
Back pic of 3po coming soon
Astronaut figure 1 front:
back pic coming soon.

While this character himself has nothing to do with Star Wars, you can see the X-Wings and Death Star looming in the backgound.
Astronaut/spaceman 2 front:
Back of package pics coming soon

This figures relation to SW is a little more abstract to non existent. Still a cool piece.
The final sef of 4 Arii model kits are all variations of R2-D2. All are shown with the characters from the first series, on the box with R2.
Why an entire set of R2 model kits..... Because you can NEVER have enough R2's !!!
Arii R-1 R2-D2 front:
Pic of package back, coming soon

Here we have our Vader checking R2 for those stolen plans to the Death Star....maybe?
Arii R-2 R2-D2 front:

Pic of box's back, coming soon

Here our Cantina band member makes music with an instrument mounted on R2's head.
Arii R2-D2 front: The stormtrooper has found the droid he was looking
 for.                            Arii R2-D2 back:
Arii R-4 R2-D2 front:
Pic of box back coming soon

R2's seen here using his radar dish to help this Tusken Raider find his long lost Bantha.
This line is so enjoyed and revered in Japan that the folks over at StarCase Japan have even made a line of Vinyl figures based on them. They are modern, so while they are definitely worthy of mention, I can't show pictures of them on this Vintage only site.  If any of our readers have any more information than what is listed about the ARII  line, or pictures of the backs, or examples from any of these sets for sale. Please email me at Thank you. 
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