Polish Deluxe Figures

Made in 1985 in Lodz Poland came a set of 4 articulated figures, all very well made compared to most other bootlegs from Poland. they were sold in a sealed baggie with matching weapons/accessories as well as a small paper card which had the price and companys name  the "Wytworczosc Rozna" manufacturing company.  The Polish factory didn't call this line the "Deluxe" series, that name was given to it by European and American collectors because of the obvious higher quality of the figures themselves, compared to most other Polish figures.
The four figures made by them are At-At Driver, Yoda, Gamorrean Guard, and Ree Yees. Ree Yees with weapon is the hardest of the bunch to find, and typically the most expensive.  Sealed in bag examples of all 4 are not known to exist, only 3 bagged examples( 2 Yodas and one AtAt Driver) are known to have survived, and made their way into collectors hands. If others are out there, I'd love to add them to my site (as well as my collection) The weapon/accessory colors on the Yoda, Gam Guard, and Ree Yees tend to match the color of the figure. the AtAt Driver, came with 2 black weapons, regardless of the figures color.
Above is a full set of Polish Deluxe figures, all with original, correct weapons.
Bagged Yoda:
Back of Yoda Baggie:
Bagged AT-AT Driver:
Back of bagged AT-AT Driver:
There are many color combinations for the 4 figures in this line. Shown below are some great examples of the colors that they were available in:
Loose Ree Yees color variations:

Loose Yoda color variations:
Gamorrean Guard color variants:

The AT-AT Driver has more known color variants than any of the other figures in the Deluxe series. Here is a great selection of the color spectrum that they were available in:
AT-AT Driver came with 2 weapons
 A rifle, which resembles a GI Joe weapon more than a SW weapon, as well as a Han Solo style blaster.
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