Japanese games

More beautiful unlicensed Japanese Star Wars like items come in the form of games. The first of which are Surogoku games, which are played similar to the US game "chutes and ladders". The 2 displayed below, show many SW style images as well as Gotchaman (Battle of the Planets to those in the US) , and many other anime characters that are unfamiliar to me.
Here are some close ups of the SW like  images from this Surogoku game:
This is the 2nd and larger of the Surogoku games that I know of that has SW images. If anyone has any other similar games with SW images on them, please feel free to contact us here at The Outer Realm, as we'd love to showcase as many variations of these cool items as possible.
Some close ups of the SW images from this great gameboard. Enjoy this look into these rare game boards and the beautiful art on them.
Next up is a horse racing game with Star Wars characters on it for some reason.  I don't know the connection between horse racing and Star Wars, but the graphics on the package are great. Shown below are the front and back of the package, as well as the game pieces and score card.
   This  R2 looking gambling machine  below was a promo store display and was not available for general sale.
It was released by a company called Taisho Pharmaceuticals and distributed to pharmacies and drug stores as part of  some
kind of giveaway promotion. The best way to describe it is as a"raffle bot." Customers that paid a certain amount or bought a certain
product would have been given one turn to play the raffle.
  As with similar gaming machines,after some buzzing, clicking, blinking, etc., a small colored ball would shoot out the tray at the base. The customer would then win a prize depending on the color. You can see it comes with the full compliment of colored balls in the pictures below.
Pics and description of R2 gaming machine thanks to John H.
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