Mexican Static figures

 Mexican Static figures for the most part are direct casts from Kenner figures. They seemed to use a rainbow of colors of plastic for these. Most are unpainted but painted examples of some figures do exist.  Some are found baggied. There is no known timeline, other than that they started doing these in the 80s. Also no known  manufacturer for these. Much of the information about vintage Mexican bootlegs is cloudy at best.

More text and info to be added soooooon!!!

This series of static figs they seemed to have pulled the limbs off and put bands around them. Not sure why, but they did.

Here some more odd static figures from Mexico. A Fett and Han Hoth, both with one arm raised.

Another odd static figure is a Bossk with a raised arm, and on a base.

This odd static Luke Bespin, which has been bound. It's generally refered to as either a "Wampa Cave Luke" or "Bondage Luke". Definitely an odd piece
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