Tomland Star Raiders

Tomland Toys; most known for their "Famous Monsters" series of 8" figures, was also among the toy companies rushing to cash in on the Star Wars merchandising juggernaut. Their offer in the arena was a line of 8" figures packaged under the header "Star Raiders". The line consists of  16 figures,many are repackages of figures from the Famous Monsters series, others were made to resemble characters from a galaxy far far away.  These were available in both regular and ultra rare "glow in the dark" versions.

      Their attempt to cash in on Star Wars was aided by the description below in the Montgomery Ward Christmas 1978 catalog, evoking images of Cantina aliens to mind in their description of the Tomland figures.
First up we have "GRAND" who resembles Darth Vader, just a bit.
The Chewie lookalike here is called FLASH
Tomlands Tusken Raider (in blue and pink) is named "WIK"
"BICO" here could very well be one of the "kooks" from the bar scene.
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